Get a Life, Get a Zombie Life!

Even Zombies Need a Life! From the developers who brought you Zombie Farm, The Playforge presents ZOMBIE LIFE, a life simulation game, with a twist!

Take on the role of a newly risen Zombie in an unfamiliar city. With the help of Mr. Wiggles, you must learn ways to blend in with society by staying “fresh”, working various jobs, and decorating yourself and your home. In this family friendly game, you play the part of a Zombie climbing the ranks of society in various fun jobs. Work at a restaurant, office, hospital, and more. Zombie Life makes living fun!

    Your last day, is also your first!

  • Fright Prejudice

    Sample different eyes, brows, skin colors, facial features and hair styles to customize your zombie. Prejudiced living human beings will no longer be able to say, “all zombies look alike”.

    Customizable Zombies
  • Fresh to Death

    Express yourself by dressing like you’re accepting an Academy award, or an Ivy league professor that doesn’t believe in tests. Heck, you can even dress like you’re a grizzled lumberjack that hates tests and accepting awards.

    Customizable Zombies
  • Stimulate a Dead Economy

    Dabble in various jobs to make a living and climb the corporate ladder. Start off as a grocery bagger and work your way up to manager of the entire store. The economy is booming in this city!

    Zombie Jobs and Careers
  • Easily Entertained

    All work and no play makes zombies a dull toy. Hang out at home or dive into random zombie pastimes such as deciding whether or not life insurance is still an option. Keep your zombie entertained or it’ll just mope around all day.

    Zombie Jobs and Careers
  • Bed, Bath, and the Great Beyond

    Spoil your zombie by creating a luxurious living arena. Fill your home with furniture from the past, present and future. And once you find yourself running out of space, you can instantly expand the size of your home.

    Furniture around your Zombie home
  • Zombie Horde-er

    Collect furniture, clothing, job hats and job uniforms throughout your adventure. Once you think you’ve got it all, an update will probably offer more to collect. Be the ghost with the most.

    Furniture around your Zombie home
  • Spreading Epidemic

    Just because a zombie is risen in a small town, it doesn’t mean that a zombie has to stay in the small town. Once you’ve grown out of small town living, take a train to the big city and expand your horizons. Don’t be frightened, you are always welcomed back to your hometown..

    Moving to the big city
  • Death is no laughing matter... Usually

    Humorous and colorful story about blending in with the living.

    Moving to the big city